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"Transportation is America's No. 1 contributor to greenhouse gas emissions."

Problem: According to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), “Carbon dioxide makes up 95 percent of all transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. Cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks running on conventional gasoline, diesel, and other fuels account for roughly two-thirds of transportation-related carbon dioxide emissions.

Solution: Step Lightly

Helpful Links:

Click here to use this EPA tool to calculate your carbon footprint.

Click here to learn more about the
better bicycling movement in the DC-area.

Click here to learn more about
the national Rails to Trails movement
to make travel outdoors by foot, bikes,
and wheelchairs more accessible.

Click here to use Metro’s new tool
to see the impact of your commute
then consider some alternatives.

Click here to use the EPA’s tool to help you
find a fuel-efficient car.


Come visit Woodend Sanctuary!

Please note: Woodend’s vehicle entrances feature deer exclusion grates, which also preclude pedestrians and cyclists from crossing. All pedestrians and cyclists should enter Woodend through either the pedestrian entrance on Jones Mill Road to the right of the vehicle entrance or the pedestrian entrance on Brierly Road to the right of the vehicle entrance. Crossing the deer exclusion grates on foot or on a bicycle could result in injury.

Visit Woodend Sanctuary

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Come enjoy the serenity of our wildflower meadow, walk our meandering trails, visit our native plant garden, and explore the aquatic life of our pond. And don’t miss the wonderful selection in our Audubon Naturalist Shop.  

Admission is free. Trails are open daily dawn to dusk. Please leave your pets at home.