“Each American, on average, emits 18.2 tons of carbon. In contrast, the average sub-Saharan African emits less than a ton.

Sustainability means we all should average just two tons.”

The Naturalist Quarterly:
Climate Crisis Special Edition

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Our special Climate Crisis/Climate Change edition of The Naturalist Quarterly offers insights and wonderful examples of how you really can make a difference! Please read our special issue and then use this website to find more information and links. Click the Action Step icons to find additional resources about a particular action.

Seven Actions for Seven Generations comes from the traditions of Native people. Some Native Nations have said 'seven generations' means thinking of your impact on the seven generations that will follow you. Others have said you should include as well the seven that came before you. Either way, we believe thinking more deeply about how each action we take each day supports the lives of those who will come after us and honors the lives of those who came before is the perfect way to combat the climate crisis.

The climate crisis exists because the average temperature for our planet is rising, largely, scientists think, because humans are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere through the burning of coal, oil, and gas from driving cars, flying in airplanes, heating our homes and using electricity to power our devices. Rising temperatures seem to be causing extreme weather events, the melting of the polar ice caps and other frozen regions, and disruption of wildlife habitat, which are the ecosystems that help sustain our lives.

We've created this web page and dedicated a special edition of The Naturalist Quarterly to help DC area residents find ways and resources to dramatically reduce their carbon footprints.

We hope you’ll join us in taking action – even if it’s just one action.

Thank you and see you on the green living side!


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