Woodend Restoration

Woodend Restoration - Nature For All

We are making historic Woodend Nature Sanctuary into Washington's

With its “Nature for All” projects, ANS aims to improve habitats, while also improving the visitor experience at Woodend.

A project currently under construction will:

• Stabilize the eroded banks of the stream channel,

• Upgrade the main trail to be accessible for people who rely on wheelchairs, walkers or strollers,

• And improve forest, meadow, and pond habitats with thousands of native plantings.

The main woodland trail will not be open to the public for a few months during stream and trail restoration work. Click the map (right) to view an alternative nature walk.


What's Next?

ANS is seeking approval from the Montgomery County Board of Appeals to build a Nature Play Space to encourage students, teachers and families to learn and play together outdoors. Like our new trail, many of the features will be accessible for people with disabilities.

If you have questions about restoration at Woodend Sanctuary, please contact Alison.Pearce@anshome.org