Tree Champion Recognition

THANK YOU for your help to put Woodend's ecosystem on a path of recovery so that it can further our education and conservation mission!


Special Commemoration Tree

Karoline & Roger Anders
Chevy Chase Chapter NSDAR
Helen Ann Patton

Choose a Tree at Woodend

Sharon and Bob Buchanan
John & Barbara Franklin
Kristie Miller
Michael Salzberg
Edward Walker

Woodend Canopy Tree

Roger and Karoline Anders
Fran and Harvey Berger
Nola Blackwell
Brian Cox
Ann Fieldhouse
Richard Fieldhouse
Helen Gray
Richard & Christina Griffin
Heidi Henning
Paul Hillery
Betsy Johnson
Liz Jones
Janet Kegg
Ann Kline
Eamon & Eileen Magee
Holly Pollinger
Lisa Potetz
Sudi & Fred Press
Edward Walker

Forest Understory Tree or Shrub

Leslie & David Agro
Joan Boros
John and Mary Ann Chandler
Hope Babcock and Toby Clark
Ivy Baer & Marc Rothenberg
Deborah Bombard
John & Mary Ann Chandler
John & Anne Collins
Camille & Sonia Corbin
Joann Crandall
Catherine Cukras & Mark Daly
Joanna Donohue
Carolyn Dowling
Gail Edie
Jenny Elliott
Cris & Jon Fleming
Ambika Ganesh
Girl Scouts Troop 34033
Tim Harwood & Laura Tomasko
Mia, Steve, & Clara Holland
Elaine & Ernest Joselovitz
Robert Kovar
Karen Lange
Patricia Larkin
Theresa Meehan
Mark & Jean Raabe
Lucia, Maya, & Oliver Rada
Nancy Rosan
Nicholas Schliapin
Betsy Taylor
Robert Tycko
Kate Pielemeier and W. Thompson
Tyler Shank & Mary Dzwonchyk
Carole Spalding
Cindy Todd
Joy Viertel
Craig Winslow
Laurence Wiseman


Give a gift that lasts: Help plant a tree at Woodend Sanctuary.

Our goal is to increase native biodiversity, while greatly reducing the presence of non-native invasive plants. The restoration of native plant communities will foster the recovery of interrelated environmental systems in the decades to come, including soil health, groundwater recharge and native food webs.

Native tree species to be planted include American Holly (Ilex opaca), Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus virginiana), Fringetree (Chionanthus virginicus), Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis), Inkberry (Ilex glabra), and Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana). 

We're excited to watch renewed tree saplings grow and thrive to become a future forest, and nurture the restoration of habitats for native species including shrub-nesting songbirds and the amphibians that require herbaceous cover.

You can be part of this rebirth by enhancing our ability to support our wildlife!

About the Woodend Restoration Project:

Woodend Sanctuary, a 40-acre nature sanctuary 1.5 miles north of Washington, DC, welcomes up to 60,000 visitors each year. Over the past 50 years, ANS has protected all 40 acres inside the busy DC Beltway, using this urban oasis as a learning center for regional residents and as a field trip destination for thousands of area schoolchildren each year.

Through our Woodend Restoration Project, we hope to see a diverse oak-hickory forest at Woodend with tree seedlings to ensure the forest of the future, blooming native spring flowers to support our pollinators, and a rich understory to provide habitat for the birds, salamanders and other species that are struggling to maintain their populations in the urban landscape of Washington, DC. 

Review a summary of our Woodend Restoration Project here.

For more information about the Plant A Tree Campaign or the Woodend Restoration Project, please contact:

Corinna Fisk at or by phone at (301) 652-9188 x31.