The Story of Streams

“Like life, liberty, and democracy itself, clean water is not something we should ever take for granted.” Roland Scott Fosler 1945-2022

How are three local streams doing? The data tell a mixed story. But YOU can help write the ending!

The Scores

Our streams need

Less Pavement, More Trees & Wetlands, Cleaner Air

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Throughout the report, you will find compelling stories, photos, and insights from real people who treasure these streams and hope you will join us in trying to protect them.


This project was funded by the Raines Family Fund.
Read our  for technical information on data, citations, and methodology.
Thank you to the Advisory Working Group members, who proposed and prioritized indicators, reviewed datasets, collected interviews, and guided the project.
Friends of Oxon Run Absalom Jordan, Jr., and Brenda Richardson
Friends of Holmes Run Whitney Redding, Joe Knecht, Andrew Casolini, Sarah McGowan, and Steven Temme
Neighbors of the Northwest Branch Anne Ambler, James Graham, Kem Morawski, and Nora Swisher
Thank you to local government partners who contributed data to the project. Amy Stevenson, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection; Damien Ossi, Washington, DC Department of Energy and the Environment
Research & Data Consultant Dr. Katie May Laumann, PhD
Audubon Naturalist Society Chrissy Arnold (Data & GIS Intern), Eliza Cava (Director of Conservation), Ari Eisenstadt (DC Conservation Advocate), Renee Grebe (Northern VA Conservation Advocate), Denisse Guitarra (MD Conservation Advocate), Ben Israel (Photographer & Videographer), Andrew Jones (Volunteer), Jamoni Overby (DC Conservation Advocate), Gregg Trilling (Conservation Outreach Manager)