Randy Kenyatta Rowel


Areas of Expertise:
Community Engagement
Diversity and Inclusion
Environmental Careers
Environmental Education
Stormwater Management
Youth Development

Randy Kenyatta Rowel

Randy Rowel is an environmental sustainability professional who works with under-resourced communities, public/private sectors, and non-government agencies to help bridge the gaps and build networks to opportunities.

Randy believes his life purpose is to provide his skills and expertise to promote and be an advocate for communities who need it most in preserving and restoring our natural environment.

Mr. Rowel has worked at federal and state government agencies, educational institutions, and internationally having spent a residency in India. Randy’s most compelling experiences thus far have come from being featured at speaking engagements and motivating and encouraging youth to get engaged with the natural environment. Randy also is a direct descendant of Harriet Tubman through his 6th great grandfather Reverend Samuel Green Sr. who was Harriet’s first cousin, their parents being siblings. Rev. Green was also a conductor of the Underground Railroad, and was one of the founders of Morgan State University and University of Maryland Eastern Shore.

Randy Rowel is recipient of an Executive Citation from the Anne Arundel County Executive Steve Schuh for his outstanding commitment to the health of our watersheds through education, outreach, and restoration. He also was a board member at the Banneker-Douglass Museum in the arts district of historic downtown Annapolis.

Mr. Rowel Jr. holds an Executive Masters of Natural Resources Degree (XMNR) from Virginia Tech. He also holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in African/African American Studies from University of Maryland Eastern Shore.