ANS protects land and water through policy and advocacy. Check out our current campaigns, letters & testimony, and opportunities to TAKE ACTION on our Conservation Blog:


Preventing Polluted Runoff: ANS works with Montgomery, Prince George’s, and Fairfax Counties, as well as DC, to help them develop and implement their plans for preventing polluted runoff.

In coalition with a broad network of partner organizations, we meet with the environmental agencies in each jurisdiction, advise them on how to meet their Clean Water Act permits, and help them design their programs to best reach neighborhoods and communities. We also meet with and work to influence state- and federal-level decision makers in agencies and the legislatures to improve the laws and policies that govern how development is managed!


Campaigning for Conservation Victories: ANS has a storied history as the oldest conservation organization in the Washington, DC region.

Today, we continue that tradition of advocacy by focusing on protecting the land and water of our local region.

We helped pass the Montgomery County pesticide lawn ban bill, advocated for transit-oriented development around Tyson’s Corner and, most recently, helped lead the coalition to Save Ten Mile Creek. Now we are keeping a close eye on the proposed Purple Line in Montgomery and Prince George’s Counties to ensure that it meets stringent county standards for managing polluted runoff into streams—if it gets built, it should be a Deep Green Purple Line.

ANS also protects land and water through community science, and by training people to be advocates and stewards for clean water.

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    This evening, I will deliver ANS’ annual testimony to the Fairfax County Environmental Quality Advisory Commission (EQAC) at their annual public hearing. I will urge Fairfax County to do the following:Plan wisely for development–a must in this time of Amazon HQ2 and climate changeImplement development plans without problematic exceptions and … Continue reading
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