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Youth Environmental Champion


Naturally Latinos Youth Environmental Champion Carlos Sanchez Gonzalez

Carlos Sanchez Gonzalez

Sophomore, Benjamin Franklin High School

Carlos Sanchez Gonzalez is currently a sophomore at Benjamin Franklin High School in Baltimore City.  In early 2019, he began his journey with Free Your Voice, a youth advocacy group that focuses on human rights and the struggle for environmental justice. 

Carlos and his colleagues helped to form the South Baltimore Community Land Trust which is a tool used to address the vacant and blighted land that we see throughout the city. In addition, Carlos and the other members of Free Your Voice were instrumental in the creation of the very first Fair Development Plan for Zero Waste which places an emphasis on equity and ensuring underserved communities are no longer dumping grounds. 

From his involvement, Carlos has been actively advocating for and testifying at city council hearings about the need to end incineration in Baltimore City and pursue a Zero Waste Future.  Carlos has always been a leader in his community and continues to advocate for clean air, which is a human right.   

Carlos has been featured in various films including Unbreathable and most recently was featured in the Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) Master Zero Waste Plan video.