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JULY 2022


The Biology of Sticky:
The Study of Spider Silk

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Mercedes Burns

Mercedes Burns

Asst. Professor of Biology

Have you ever wondered what makes spider silk so sticky and so durable? Join us to learn from an expert! University of Maryland Biology Professor Mercedes Burns will introduce you to her ongoing research on sticky biomaterials by focusing on spider silk. She will share her findings on the protein structure of silk, how spiders produce it, and what components make the silk sticky. You'll also learn why humans find it so hard to replicate this miracle of nature in a lab!


Summer's Bounty: Birds, Blooms, Beasts, & Babies -
When and where to spot them in the Mid-Atlantic

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Barbara Saffir

Barbara Saffir

Author, Master Naturalist and Wildlife photographer

Discover when and where to find some of the Mid-Atlantic's summer nature bounty, including electric-blue birds atop crayon-yellow sunflowers; itsy-bitsy green treefrogs with racing stripes and sticky toes; bedazzling bugs; backyard squirrels that “fly;” and a sea of native lotus blossoms, worthy of Monet.


Naturally Latinos Conference presents:
Cafecito con Abuela - redescubriendo nuestras raîces de conservación

(Coffe with Grandma: Rediscovering Our Conservation Roots)

Nuestra cultura latina está llena de costumbres conservacionistas que muchas veces seguimos sin reconocer que son beneficiosas para el medio ambiente. Escucha de la boca de nuestras abuelas de dónde salen esas costumbres, y redescubre el amor por nuestra cultura a la vez que ayudamos al planeta.

(Our latine culture is filled with behaviors that we often follow without ever realizing that they are ecofriendly practices. Listen to the voices of our grandmothers to discover where these behaviors originate. Join us to rediscover love for our culture and more ecofriendly ways to live.


The Summer Buzz:
All About Bees and Wasps

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Cliff Fairweather

Cliff Fairweather

Natural Resources Specialist (retired),
Arlington County Dept. of Parks and Recreation

There’s much more to bees and wasps than a buzz and a sting! We’ll explore the natural history of this ecologically and economically important group of insects during a lecture and a field trip, including identification of common families. You’ll also gain an understanding of some of the insects that take advantage of the fearsome reputation of bees and wasps by mimicking their appearance and behavior.

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