Gardening with native plants benefits wildlife and the environment.

ANS maintains beautiful demonstration gardens at Woodend, offers gardening clinics and classes,
holds seasonal native plant sales and can even bring expert help right to your garden!

ANS Garden Consultations

Looking to add habitat and food sources for wildlife in your garden?
Want to start growing some of your own food?

An on-site consultation with
ANS Garden Manager Jenny Brown
will help you:

• Define sunny, shady, dry and wet areas in your garden

• Identify your existing plants and recommend additions

• Strategize next steps to improve habitat or start a food garden

•Map your property showing garden conditions and recommendations

Free downloads and other resources:


For books and resources on landscaping and gardening with native plants, visit Woodend’s Audubon Naturalist Shop.

Visit to sign up for nature classes and field trips.

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