january, 2020

Free Birding Trips

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Saturday, June 6 CANCELED
Little Bennett Regional Park, Montgomery Co., MD
Half day. Nesting songbirds, possibly including Yellow-breasted Chat, Willow Flycatcher, Prairie Warbler, and Kentucky Warbler. Meet time/place: 7:30 am at Kingsley Trail parking area. Insect repellent highly advised, as is waterproof footwear. Extra water and sunscreen also recommended. For more info, contact the leader, Paul DeAnna, at 202-544-2680 or ppdeanna47@gmail.com (12-person limit). REGISTER

Saturday, June 13 CANCELED
Fort C.F. Smith Park, Arlington, VA
One-third day. Nesting songbirds in woods, edge, and meadow habitat. Conditions may be muddy. Meet time/place: 7 am in parking lot. For more info, contact the leader, Karen Fairweather, at twofairs@msn.com or 703-841-1299 (10-person limit). REGISTER

Wednesday, June 24
Woodbridge/Occoquan Bay NWR, VA
Half day. Songbirds, waterfowl, eagles, and other raptors. Meet time/place: 7:30 am inside the refuge at central parking lot. 6-adult limit. For more info, contact leader Jim Waggener at 703-567-3555. REGISTER


Year Around Event (2020)