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ANS COVID Policy for Outdoor Adult Programs
As of June 1, 2021
Both leaders and participants are asked to observe social distancing throughout outdoor field trips. Any participant or leader who has not been vaccinated for Covid-19 is requested to wear a mask. Of course, participants are always welcome to wear masks if they are more comfortable. At this time, masks are required indoors at Woodend for everyone.
This policy is subject to change.


Dragons of the Air WAITLIST OPEN
Sundays (9-11:30 am)
B. August 1 – Pine Lake, Wheaton Regional Park, MD
Leader: Lisa Shannon
Each walk members $30; nonmembers $42
The wetlands protected in two urban parks are ideal spots to begin learning how to ID the most common dragonflies in our area. Naturalist Lisa Shannon will help dragonfly enthusiasts focus on identification characteristics, as well as the life histories, of these aerial insects. Close-focusing binoculars are recommended for optimal dragon-watching in the open and sunny habitats we’ll explore. REGISTER

Summer Tree Walks
Section B: Friday, August 6 (9:30 am-Noon) DATE CHANGED FROM JULY 30
ANS Woodend Sanctuary, MD
Leader: Bradley Simpson
Each walk members: $30; nonmembers $42
Summer is a great season to enjoy our local trees—and not just for the cooling shade they provide. During this peak growing period, trees offer observers lots of visual characteristics for identification: leaves, bark, buds, ripening seed pods, and silhouette. Join our Restoration Manager /tree ID teacher on one or both of these outings to experience different habitats and species. Bradley will also discuss tree and wildlife associations. Walk A to the Coastal Plain bottomlands of Jug Bay Natural Area in PG County will move faster and farther than Walk B, which will explore the Piedmont landscape at our Woodend Sanctuary near Chevy Chase, MD. REGISTER

The Buzz on Bees and Wasps
Saturday, August 7 (9-11:30 am)
Leader: Cathy Stragar
Members $30; nonmembers $42
From solitary parasitic wasps to the highly social honeybee, from potter wasps to carpenter bees, these related insects form a fascinating and critically important part of the natural world. We’ll take a look at their diversity, life histories, significant ecological roles, and the worrisome threats currently facing bees and wasps. Our outdoor classroom will be the varied habitats at our Woodend Sanctuary, including open, sunny meadows and our cultivated wildlife gardens. REGISTER

Summer Birding Strolls (7-9:30 am)
E. Sunday, August 8 – Occoquan Bay National Wildlife WAITLIST OPEN
Refuge, VA (Leader: Paul Pisano)
F. Saturday, August 21 – Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens, DC WAITLIST OPEN
(Leaders: Lisa Shannon and Rob Hilton)

Each walk members $30; nonmembers $42
Summertime…and the living is easy – unless you’re a bird busy with nesting chores and the challenges of raising young. Summertime can also be a more difficult period for nature lovers to encounter birds as they quiet down and move around with greater stealth. Still, there is lots to observe, discuss, and enjoy on a summer birding walk so we’re happy to offer this new series for beginning to mid-level birders. As the series begins, breeding bird activity will still be underway, but by late July and into August, southbound migrants will be on the move. Expect some open and sunny field conditions at all of our locations. There will be chances to duck into the shade periodically as we keep our pace to a stroll. REGISTER

Summer Fungus Walks
Section A: Wednesday, August 25 (9-11 am) WAITLIST OPEN
Section B: Saturday, August 28 (9-11 am)
Leader: Serenella Linares
Each walk members $30; nonmembers $42
Late August is a great time to be introduced to some of the common local fungi while finding out more about their vital functions in the natural world.  Our Woodend Sanctuary will be the site for these walks on trails which are natural surface. The expert leader is one of our own staff, whose knowledge about any and all mushrooms that might pop up in your yard has earned her the accurate and affectionate nickname Mushie. Note: the focus of our field outings is fungi’s important and under-appreciated role in forest ecology, not the edibility of particular species of mushrooms. REGISTER

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