Bloomin' Birdathon Sponsors

The Bloomin' Birdathon is our biggest fundraising event of the year.
We're so thankful you've decided to support our cause!

  • To make a per species donation, email Loree Trilling and provide the name of the individual or team you are sponsoring and the dollar amount.
  • Mail your donation by check to:
    *Please include a note on the check of the person or team you are sponsoring.
    Audubon Naturalist Society
    Attn: Bloomin' Birdathon
    8940 Jones Mill Road
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815


Please contact Loree Trilling by email or phone at 301-652-9188 x35.

2019 Bloomin' Birdathon Counters


ANS Board
Dottie Beck
Cheryl Bunyan
Romana Campos
Sarah Clark
Sheila Cochran - 57 bird species
Anne & David Cottingham - 116 bird species
Neal Fitzpatrick & John Bjerke - 65 bird species
Liz & Stephen Jones
Patti Mackey, Katherine Payne, Pat Cassiamatis, Sue Duffy & Kathy Benajmin/Bonny Bluebirds - 62 bird species
Stephanie Mason & Pam Oves - 85 bird species
Mer Mietzelfeld, Karen Maricheau & Mandrake Sumners/Silver Spring Bird Watchers
Marcia Minichiello - 120 bird species/~103 blooms
Cecily Nabors & Diane Ford/May Day Birders - 61 bird species
Lisa Norwalk & Len Bisson - 84 bird species
Michele Peel & Chris Turnbow - 13 bird species
Diane Proia
Shirley Putnam - 59 bird species
Nicholas Schliapin - 29 bird species
Loree Trilling - 45 bird species
Nancy Voit/This One's for Jane Huff - 96 bird species