Larry Glover

Larry Glover is a Senior Partner at Breakthrough Marketing Technology. He is a marketing and communications executive with experience in multiple forms of media, strategy development; market planning and communications. He has worked with national and global advertising agencies and for clients including Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola. The U.S. Army, and Sara Lee Corporation.

Since 2015, his firm has specialized in Energy Strategies For Urban Communities providing practical guidelines to improve efficiency for buildings in urban centers. Larry has been a leader is promoting the use of use data to assess and track energy performance and its impact on communities of color. The company also provides strategies to engage private-sector partnerships with technical service providers to implement energy reduction communication plans.

As part his efforts in Energy Efficiency and Workforce Development Larry worked with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to develop and execute a model public, private, labor partnership for energy efficiency. The initiative garnered united support from legislators, educators, faith leaders and government agencies.

Larry has lectured as a multicultural subject matter expert. He has held board positions on marketing and advertising industry associations and was appointed to chair a state insurance regulatory agency.