James D. Crudup Sr

Since he and his family purchased property in the historic Town of Eagle Harbor some 40 years ago, Mayor James D. Crudup has been an involved citizen. After first serving as the president of the Citizens Association several decades ago and then, serving two terms as a Commissioner in the Town, he finally assumed the leadership positon of Mayor.  Now, in his fifth and last term as Mayor, he is extremely proud of what he and the board of commissioners have accomplished. At the top of that list of accomplishments, he is most proud of the Town’s designation as a Sustainable Community by the state of Maryland in 2018.

Mayor Crudup is a visionary leader and the first Mayor of the Town to develop a strategic plan. He is passionate about sustaining the Town’s historic heritage while navigating the difficult challenge of moving from a seasonal, sleepy, black resort beach Town to a vibrant year-round sustainable community.