BeKura Shabazz Branch

Hampton Roads native and mother, BeKura W. Shabazz Branch has more than decade of grassroots advocacy and activism in the areas of policy, housing, and criminal and economic justice work. Recently, she was recruited to become a professional activist as Virginia's lead for federal legislation on climate change and sea level rise with Virginia Conservation Network. Since leaving that role, she has been vigorously fighting against oppressive and systemic injustices against African Americans alongside all of her other areas of interest.

She is currently the Social Justice and Health Disparities committee chairwoman of the Va. Green New Deal; Chesterfield NAACP Criminal Justice committee chair; and serves on the Internal Policy Committee of the Va Environmental Justice Collaborative.

BeKura is the Founder and President of First Alliance Consulting LLC. and The Criminal Injustice Reform Network. She also founded Mothers Against Mandatory Minimums and Legal Advocates of Virginia where she is currently a legal advocate and certified mediator for families affected by the judicial system.