Joseph J. James

Joseph J. James


Areas of Expertise:
Governmental Relations
Social Entrepreneurship
Technology-led Development

Joseph J. James


Joseph J. James is President of Agri-Tech Producers, LLC (ATP), an African-American-owned small business, involved in developing and holding innovative processes and technologies, with global applications, involving biomass, bio-remediation, bio-energy and bio-products.

Mr. James has devised a patent-pending, Combined Remediation Biomass and Bio-Product Production (CRBBP) Process, which cost-effectively remediates contaminated soils and water, using the enhanced phytoremediation capabilities of the prodigious root systems of certain bio-crops; then converts the plants and their resulting, lower-cost biomass into various, cost-advantaged bio-products and biofuels.

ATP has also licensed and is commercializing innovative and patented torrefaction (carbonization) technology, developed by NC State University, which converts plant and woody biomass into a variety of bio-products, including fillers or extenders, which are used to make stronger, lighter and water-resistant plastics; biochars, to increase soil productivity; a cleaner and safer, plant-based alternative to the wood-based charcoal cooking fuel, used in 3rd World countries; and a bio-coal, which can be co-fired in coal-fired power plants, with minimal equipment upgrades, to proportionately reduce the GHG and chemical pollution emissions of coal.

Mr. James is demonstrating these innovations through strategically-focused operating affiliates, like ATP-MD, LLC, which is collaborating with the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, an HBCU, using the CRBBP Process to extract excess phosphorus from Chesapeake Bay watershed farm soils, while making bio-products.

Mr. James has had an impressive, 33-year career as an economic development professional, where he has been often heavily involved in technology-led development. He just completed a 6-year term as a Secretarial appointee on the federal Biomass R&D Technical Advisory Committee and is a member of the Clean Energy Business Network.

Mr. James received a BS, in Science, from Union College and has studied Law and Business Administration at New York University. He has received numerous awards, including being named a winner of the Purpose Prize, in 2008, for his work to include poor, rural communities of color in the “Green Economy”. He also serves on the Board of Green Tech Academy, a Sacramento, California-based non-profit, which trains and mentors minority youth to be green economy workers.


Joseph received a BS, in Science, from Union College and has studied law and business administration at New York University.