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Thank you for supporting the
35th Annual Bloomin' Birdathon!
April 22, 2015 through May 25, 2015

Bloomin' Birdathon

Photo credit: Chan Chao 

2015 Birdathon Participant Stories 

A Birdathon of Firsts for Cecily & Diane  

Rusty Blackbird Diane Ford"Nearby, we found a Rusty Blackbird foraging in the wet woods, a Birdathon First! . . When Diane took a look at a white dot out on the lake [Needwood], she pointed eagerly at her find. In binocular view, the white dot became an exciting bird: a Common Loon! Still in winter plumage, the loon was another Birdathon First for us.  . . .  Back on the dyke, we scanned hard, looking for a Common Gallinule that had been hanging out at Hughes Hollow for a few days. Another kind birder told us where he’d seen it. Yes! The gallinule walked about in a brown dry area, its movements like a chicken, its red bill and forehead-plate highly decorative. This was Bird 75, one for each of my years (all of which I was feeling by then), and another Birdathon First!"  Read More of Cecily Nabors and Diane Ford's 2015 Birdathon Report

ANS's Pam Oves & Stephanie Mason (and Friends) Team Up for Birdathon 

"Meeting up at Pennyfield Lock near Potomac,  we [Pam and Stephanie] were joined by Paula Wang.  Meandering up the Towpath, we were quickly greeted by the raspy voice of a Great Crested Flycatcher and the sighting of an Eastern Phoebe.  An invisible Yellow-billed Cuckoo called repeatedly in the distance.  Several Tree Swallowsdipped over the Canal—and our swallows list got started.  Pam was ecstatic when we caught sight of a Yellow-throated Vireo foraging on the trunk of a tree at eye-level.  It was a lifer for her, and my best look ever at this species with a burry bass voice.  We heard Black-throated Green Warbler and a Common Yellowthroat warbler, but it was a quiet, female Prairie Warbler feeding low in the open that stopped us in our tracks." Read More

Like Father Like Son Birdathon - Paul and Gabriel D'Andrea 

Gabriel - Birdathon"On May 16th, my trusted seven-year old companion Gabriel and I started our day in the backyard of our Bethesda home, counting up about 15 birds.  You’d be surprised how many you can see and hear just by stepping outside of your house…plus it helps to have birdfeeders.  We then headed to Pennyfield Lock located along the C&O Canal and Potomac River.  It was a beautiful day and we were feeling confident that we could improve upon our 40 bird count from last year."  Read More

Tough Year for a Birdathon Veteran - Marcia Minichiello  

"The standard strategy of getting an early start was frustrated both mornings by fog, which made sightings from the bridge and causeway to mainland difficult. David turned onto Marsh Island for a better look at Chincoteague Bay; from this we netted short-billed dowitcher, fish crow, house finch, and a mockingbird. From the causeway we spotted three immature white ibises on Friday which were gone on Saturday, and a common loon on Saturday not seen on Friday. David pulled into a side road at NASA where we had very good luck: two green herons, grasshopper sparrow, meadowlark, white-eyed vireo, Carolina wren, and common yellow-throat. On Saturday, more fog there and a concern about the “No Trespassing” sign shortened that stop." Read More 


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What is the Bloomin' Birdathon?

The ANS Bloomin' Birdathon is our biggest fundraising event of the year. Over the course of one month each spring, April 22 - May 25, teams and individuals count as many wildflower or bird species as they can at locations of their choice during a 24-hour period.

Participation is easy as 1-2-3!

STEP 1: Register
STEP 2: Raise Funds
STEP 3: Count!

For more information on participating in the Bloomin' Birdathon, click HERE.

Appreciate birding, but don't want to count?

Become a sponsor! Sponsor a friend, family member, coworker or team by making a tax-deductible donation to ANS's Bloomin' Birdathon. Your support of the Bloomin' Birdathon helps raise critical funds for our local conservation and education programs.

NEW - Bloomin' Birdathon Events!

Whether you're a birding expert, a flower lover or just learning how to use your first pair of binoculars, we have a Bloomin' Birdathon event that's just right for you. 

From bird house building competitions, to movie screenings, to walks around Woodend -- we have lots of opportunities for you to grab your friends, family and coworkers and get involved!

Find out more about these exciting new events - click HERE. 


If you have questions regarding the Bloomin' Birdathon, contact Antoinette Sooh by email or at 301-652-9188 x.12.