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Give a Gift of Securities

You may choose to support the Audubon Naturalist Society by donating gifts of stocks or appreciated securities. In addition to providing ANS with the vital financial support needed to protect and preserve crucial natural areas in our region, you can save on capital gains taxation on your appreciated securities.

Instructions for Broker to Broker Transfer
If stock is held in a brokerage account, you can give stock to ANS by simply asking your broker to transfer the stock through the Depository Trust Company (DTC) to the ANS brokerage account using the following information:

Transfer stock to:

The Northern Trust Company
Trust Department
DTC Participant #2669
Account Name: Audubon Naturalist Society
Account #: 23-22473

Please send your request to your broker in writing and send us a copy. It is very important to notify Lois TaylorComptroller, 301-652-9188 x24, so that the securities will be transferred or ask your broker to alert her about the transfer. (Note that we do not receive your name or information with the transfer of stock. We only receive notice that X number of shares was transferred to us without any name of donor attached.)

Instructions for Stock Certificates
To use stock certificates, you need a stock power for each certificate that you plan to donate. These stock powers need to be signature guaranteed; simply go to your local bank or broker and have them witness your signature. They will stamp it accordingly.

After you have signed the powers (do not sign the back of the certificate(s)) mail the certificate(s) in one envelope and the signed stock powers with the signature guarantee in a separate envelope. Mail the two envelopes to:

Audubon Naturalist Society
Attn: Lois Taylor
8940 Jones Mill Road
Chevy Chase, MD 20815

NOTE: To ensure the arrival of your gift, we recommend that the stock certificate be sent by certified mail with return receipt.